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It's official! Just Cause 2 demo out next Thursday!

Posted 26th February 2010, 10:02am by Nick | Discuss in the Forums
Tags: just cause 2, demo, steam, xbox 360, ps3

Yep, it's official! The highly anticipated demo is finally set to hit Steam (PC), the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network on Thursday 4th, March 2010. That's next week guys!

For the past month or so since they announced it, there has been very little info regarding the demo other than the interview with Mike Oldman last night, and the same old tweets both on Mike's and the Eidos twitter pages: No date yet - but we'll be shouting about it when we know for sure.. Well now they finally know for sure, and they are certainly shouting about it!

As stated in the interview last night, the demo is seriously generous in what you can in it and a lot of fun or indeed challenging, depending on how you decide to play it.

The good news is that less than a week away until you all can finally get your hands on Just Cause 2 and mess around with that dual hook! All this waiting totally worth it!

For an idea of the download size and even the demo area size itself, Mycoldman said in one of his tweets yesterday: Wondering how big the Just Cause 2 demo is? Try 1.4Gb. Or Manhattan. Or Paris. Or more accurately 35 square miles.
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